Intimate Migrations is a three-day conference held at Roskilde University and at the Danish Institute for International Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The conference offers a unique opportunity to discuss new and classic themes related to transnational migration and intimacy across social, cultural and political contexts. Intimate migrations may involve all forms of mobility motivated by or implying sexual and emotional intimacy, spanning what has been coined marriage migration, sex work migration, queer migration, sex tourism as well as mobilities involving transactional sex and love. Discussions evolving around sexual economies, global care chains, politics of affect and migration industries have disrupted previous analytical frameworks, tending to separate money and sex, intimacy and power, love and labor. Such discussions have opened for a range of new approaches, which address how global power relations, policies and economic flows intersect with gender, sexuality and race across boundaries. The conference will address how intimacies shape transnational migration and vice versa and attempt to create frameworks for understanding how intimate migrations are motivated, encouraged and regulated in a disparate world.

Format and costs: The first day of the conference will focus on the connection between migration and marriage, kinship and policy. The second day focuses on the connection between migration and sex work, desire, exploitation and regulations of intimacy. The first two days of the conference are held at Roskilde University and the third day will consist of presentations by invited scholars at the Danish Institute of International Studies. A range of interesting and outstanding scholars will attend the conference as keynote speakers and plenary session participants (see participants).

Keynote speeches and plenary sessions held in the morning are open to the public while thematic workshops held in the afternoon are closed and will have a limited number of participants (around 25 in a total of 4-5 workshops). Selected workshop participants must cover their own travel expenses and accommodation. The organizers will cover meals and coffee during the conference. There is no participation fee. If you wish to attend the conference but do not submit a paper or participate in a workshop please register via this link: If this does not work write an email with your name(s) and institutional affiliation(s) to:

We welcome abstracts addressing one or more of these topics:

The connection between transnational migration and marriage, sex work, tourism or transactional sex.

The moral economy of kinship, gender and sexuality in transnational migration, including the role of remittances and social obligations.

Policy regulations of marriage migrations and family reunification as well as regulations of sex work migration and human trafficking.

We invite contributions that are based on empirical research, either with a specific case or synthesizing across cases. Theoretical extensions from empirical accounts are particularly welcome.

Abstracts (1 page) and additional information must be submitted to Christian Groes-Green /

We expect to receive more submissions than can be accommodated at the workshop. A selection will be made on the basis of quality and relevance of abstracts, and participants will be asked to submit a full paper. All papers will be circulated in advance.


Deadline for submission of abstracts
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